Homebrewing Recipes

Below you’ll find a selection of beer recipes to which I’ll add whenever I brew something interesting and write about it in the blog. All recipes will be scaled to make a 20l. / 5.3 US gall. batch, but could easily be increased to larger brew lengths (x5 to make 1 Hl. etc).

South Pacific IPA
Dry hopped with Australian (Galaxy) and NZ (Motueka) varieties, the base of this 1.070, 7% IPA blends marris otter with lager malt to keep final gravity down despite relatively high strength. You could definitely put in some sugar if you wanted to keep you FG even lower, or bring the ABV up. A relatively small bittering hop addition allows large late hopping to give maximum aroma/flavour without high bitterness. A good showcase for any interesting aroma hop.

Red Canoe Ale
A red ale, this first beer I brewed on my new brewing kit encountered a few hiccups on its way into the world. Nevertheless, that wasn’t really the recipe’s fault- the colour came out the exact ruby red I wanted. The hop profile turned out fairly muted for various reasons, so I’ll probably up the BUs a spot next time, but you can adjust that to your preference. I’ll be back!

SMaSH Pale Ale
A stripped back but effective 2 Row/Cascade Pale Ale recipe that’s great for learning the flavour contributions of individual ingredients. This could easily be adapted with a different hop, higher gravity/bitterness levels or an interesting yeast strain. (
Brew Report)